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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Give Them What They Ask For


It’s difficult to believe the tea bagger groups when they say, “All we want is for government to leave us alone.”  Wow, what a simplistic statement.

I really think government should give them exactly what they ask for:  cut off their Medicare, their postal service and VA services for those who are vets.  Take away police protection and first responders.  Get rid of the national guard in their areas so they won’t have any help during an emergency or natural disaster.  Don’t let them have access to hospitals who receive federal funds of any kind.  And, how about cutting out those border guards so that illegal immigrants can pour over the borders where some of these tea baggers live.  Oh, and don’t let the FDA give any approvals on any drugs or treatments or foods, or the National Institutes of Health provide any support for scientific research.  In fact, remove all the government control and oversight agencies so that private enterprise can do whatever it wishes. Privatize the armed forces, so that they won’t have to deal with any government-provided defense. Yes, let’s give them what they ask for:  get government out of their lives.

Now ask:  what will they have left?  Why, private enterprise, of course.  They will have all those profit-seeking entities that actually seek every day to control them, manipulate them, fleece them, and to take away any semblance of control they think they have.  Without the checks and regulations of government, these private entities will go wild trying to squeeze out all that remains in the lives of these teabag radicals. Prices will rise without reason, loan rates will skyrocket, services will be slashed, jobs will be reserved for those who can bribe their way in; con-men will run amuck, rents will escalate, travel and health care will be available only to those who can pay for it on-the-spot; food, water, energy and other resources will be available to the rich, and tremendously limited for the rest of us; tax breaks for the rich will bankrupt many of the tea baggers and the rest of us.   Profiteers run amuck is not a pretty sight!
When simple concepts like: “get government out of our lives” become banal slogans, watch out!  You are being bamboozled, and you will pay the consequences: no services, no controls, no assistance, no protection, no defense, no fairness and no justice!