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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Moderate or Radical?

Are you a moderate or a radical?  Strange question?  Yes, but very revealing, especially in our present-day politicized environment.  Most of you would answer “moderate”, I’m willing to bet, but are you really?  Would you, as a moderate vote for someone who:

-- wants to gut Social Security for all those under age 55
-- will vote to allow private investment accounts for social security benefits
-- wants to privatize, promote vouchers, or completely change Medicare benefits
-- wants to get rid of Medicaid for the poor
-- wants to continue wars in Afghanistan and Iraq until we can be “victorious,” and wants a new war with Iran to be our primary response to them
-- opposes government-run programs and therefore, to be consistent, must work to privatize (out-source by contract) the Post Office, Border Guards, our Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, first responders, prison guards, national institutes of health, etc., etc. (all government-run)
-- will vote to stop tax cuts for the rich and big corporations, and work to give them bigger tax breaks than ever before
-- supports the ability of corporate entities to control all aspects of our society and government (recently enhanced by the Supreme Court)
-- enables terrorism’s recruiting by favoring torture
-- believes that government cannot help to create jobs; that only the private sector can

These are all radical ideas either proposed by Republicans, conservatives, or Tea baggers.  If you are a true moderate, be careful!  The Republican Radicals are out to bamboozle you, because these are the radical ideas that are already being proposed in actual legislation, in the Tea baggers’ “Contract From America,” and in other “contracts” and proposals from these same non-moderates.  Your votes have consequences:  you will reap all of these radical changes if you vote for radicals who masquerade as moderates and independents!