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Monday, June 7, 2010



The political scene is fast becoming farcical!  Can you imagine that?  Now we have the very same people who rail against the federal government -- for being too big, ineffective (“can’t run anything right, especially health care!”) and interventionist -- now calling for the federal government to solve the Gulf oil spill disaster!!  It’s unbelievable!

Further, many of the very same people who LOVE big oil corporations and who want them left alone (“don’t interfere; de-regulate“, “leave the market alone“), are now mistrusting of the very people they so glaringly support.  That is, BP is now being said not to have the ability to manage this problem; instead, they say, the federal government needs to take over the sealing of the well AND the clean-up.  Oh brother, it’s amazing how the uber-right wing can tilt with the political winds.

Finally, here are the very same people who made sure that BP and all the BIG OIL corporations were able to write their own ticket; who invited them into the V-P’s office (remember Cheney) to make sure that the Bush administration gave them everything they needed to DO BUSINESS.  Now who’s complaining because the regulators didn’t have regulations in place to stop this kind of oil spill from happening in the first place?  You guessed it -- the same people who believe so strongly in de-regulation; the same people who support the excesses of wall street and the robber baron corporations, the same people who believe in the privatizing of government functions, and the “leave us alone” philosophy!

Why don’t we send the uber-right-wing privatizers down to the Gulf and let them come up with the solution to the problems that this spill will create for thousands of people?  And, let Rush Limbaugh lead them (who said, in essence -- not to worry: the ocean will take care of the spill!).  Farcical?  You betcha’.